dietary WHY?

We live in a multi-cultural society. Our diet should be adjusted accordingly.

The old “Pyramid” is still acceptable, but with today’s foods, more is needed to bring the body into balance.
What exactly is healthy?
Who decides what is healthy for you?


Who says  brown bread good for you?
You will not get enough calcium when you do not drink milk?
Is it true that you should eat no more fat
Who says meat is not healthy?

With the right guidance I give you back control of your own body.
You learn to feel what is good, and what your body wants.

In my advice I work with a “wheel of color and smell” that makes it easy to adjust your diet . As far as  possible I take into account your wishes , your lifestyle and preferences  (vegetarian, faith, etc.).

Adjusting your diet is sometimes a difficult step.
Especially if it involves food dispensed , not to mention changing the way of cooking.
Together we will look for a positive approach. For example, we do not think in terms of what is not allowed, but can look at opportunities.

We all know that sugar is not good for us. But do we know what is good for us? Sweet is after all a taste that we need. How do we learn to deal with health?

Convenience is also a myth. Preparign your own food is not only healthier, it also gives a satisfaction because you’re doing good for your body.
Anyone can do it, healthy eating is reserved for every person and need not be complicated.
But, like any new process in life, also takes time.

In contrast, once learned, you never forget it ..