Who am I

lucilleI’m Lucille Coetzee, born and raised in South Africa. At  the Atlantic Coast, I have enjoyed my childhood years, which was a very special time. After my schooling in Durban, I studied at the University of the Orange Free State to become a Mathematics teacher.  Teaching really suited me, but I soon noticed that,  just  as in my schoolyears, I had difficulty  functioning within structured and strict rules. I then decided to work as a statistician in profit-business where I could go my own way. Since then I have chosen to only work in fields where I can be free in my choices.

In South Africa I got married, had two beautiful children and  chose to become a full-time stay- at- home-mother. In 1998 we moved to the Netherlands.  I had to deal with the impact that another culture has on your outlook in life. In healthcare I was confronted with this even more, and that gave my career a new direction.

In 2001 I enrolled in the mesology training program. For me this was the beginning of a different outlook on life. In the course of life you get to a point where you come to understand that you have to make choices to be able to function in the  surroundings, which you can not change unless you yourself  do something about it. In this quest, I found a way that now has become so essential and important to me that I also guide and help others .  In 2007 I started my practice as mesologist.

A mesologist learns to search  for a common demonimater. Symptoms, however small, can not lie. That’s why I always take symptoms seriously. Which does not necessarily mean that there has to be something essentially wrong.